Monday, 21 November 2016

Global BDS Week of Action Against Hewlett Packard HP November 25 - December 3

The BDS movement, in partnership with other organisations including the Palestine Solidarity Campaign are calling for an international week of action against Hewlett Packard over its role in Israel’s occupation of Palestinian land. The week of action will take place November 25-December 3, which includes the UN Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People on November 29.
Hewlett Packard split into two companies, HP Inc. and Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), last year, and two more spin-offs are projected. The various HP companies share certain logistical infrastructure, governance, supply chains, and technologies with one another, and they all draw on the HP brand’s long history of close connections with the Israeli military and occupation.They may be best-known for their laptops and printers, but they also profit from Israel's illegal occupation and oppression of Palestinians.Hewlett Packard is the second largest investor in Israeli Information Technology (IT). Their biometric system is used for control and surveillance of the Palestinian population both inside Israel and in the occupied Palestinian territories. HP provides services and technology for Modi'in Illit and Ariel, two of the largest illegal settlements in the occupied West Bank. HP's Basel system is installed at Israeli military checkpoints in the occupied West Bank. HP supplies computer systems for the Israeli Ministry of Defense and provides IT infrastructure for the Israeli Navy, thereby helping enforce the illegal blockade of Gaza, they also provide  for Israel's discriminatory checkpoint  and ID card systems; and  continue to profit from Israeli prisons where7,000 Palestinian political prisoners are held where use of torture is systematic.
While claiming to uphold values of social responsibility, HP companies are notorious for involvement in oppressive practices worldwide,HP also contracts with US prisons and Immigration, Customs, and Enforcement (ICE), enabling deportation, mass incarceration, and solitary confinement in America. It is is high time HP withdrew from their contracts with Israel – and stopped profiting from discrimination, occupation and human rights abuses, so from the United Kingdom to Malaysia, from the United States to Italy, from Germany to Palestine, organizations in cities worldwide are organizing campaigns and actions to hold HP accountable, and so can you. The Palestinian BDS National Committee and the US Campaign for Palestinian Rights have launched an international pledge. I personally will not be buying anything from HP for the forseeable future unless they clean up their act and stop profiteering daily from Palestinian humiliation.

Please Click here to sign the pledge.

We call on Hewlett Packard companies -- including HP Inc., Hewlett Packard Enterprise, and all spin-offs -- to end all participation in the brutal oppression of the Palestinian people and other targeted communities worldwide. We pledge not to purchase products -- including printers, computers, and ink -- from complicit HP companies, and we call on retailers, universities, schools, faith communities, investment funds, municipalities, governments, trade unions, and other institutions to boycott and divest from HP companies until they cancel all contracts that supply Israel with technology, equipment, and information used in its ongoing violations of Palestinian rights and international law.

Join the Global BDS Week of Action :
Protest HP Nov 25 - Dec 3, 2016

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