Friday, 18 November 2016

Today We Sing (Project Zouqaq)

Today We Sing (Project Zouqaq)

Inspiring music video from the Gaza strip which allows us to see this place from a different perspective. In this place where electricity flows for just eight hours each day, in this open prison where 1.8 million Palestinians are  now contained. Many young Gazan musicians and singers  are starved of permanent performance spaces,but despite bombardment, explosions, rockets, violence, struggle, terror, borders, all these restrictions, increasingly many are now using the internet ,when  that is they can access it ,to display their talents and share their messages of hope, peace and freedom to the world. Awesome. May they keep on singing.

Yousef Nateel
Art Supervisor
Abd Alrahman Alsabbah
Director of photography
Hussien Jaber
Camera Cast
Hussien Jaber
Khalid Tuaima
Youssif Almashharawi
Camera Assistant
Marwan Alsawaf
Mohammed Nateel
Khalil Nateel
Rushdi Alsarraj
Yousef Nateel
Color Correction & Grading
Mahmoud Abu Zayda
Music arrangement
Mohammed Salem
Music Supervision
Alaa Shublaq
Mohammed Albaz
Mixing and Mastering
Ali Aljojo
Recorded at
Mashael Studio
Oud Player
Mussa Abu ZanounaReem AnbarGuitaristMohammed AlbazAya Mghamis
Cajon DrumSaid Fadel
Performers by order
Khaled Abu Ramadan
Ameer Abu Mualiq - CAMP’S SON
Mahmoud Salman - INTIFADA
Iyad Zorob - RIOTS
Mohammed Lafi - RIOTS
Zina Abu Al Ouf
Abd El Monem Awad AKA FAWDA
Mahmoud Almughrabi – Almughrabi
Mohammed Alaidi – Handala
Sari Ibrahim
Ayman Mghamis – Abu Joury
Hadeel Fawzi
Mohammed Albaz
General Supervisor & Coordinator
Ayman Mghamis aka Abu Joury
Special Thanks
Montaser Alsabe
Hazem Alabyad
Hussein Owda
Anas Alnajjar
Mohammed Almadhoun
Fares Anbar
Special Thanks To Marna House Hotel
Produced by
Riksteatern logo
Funded by
Postkodlotteriet logo

Executive Producer
© 2016

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