Saturday, 19 November 2016

Make Royals Pay for Palace Renovation.

Yesterday it was announced that the royal residence of Buckingham Palace is to undergo a major  refurbishment to the whopping estimated cost of £389 million,at a time when there is a national housing crisis, the NHS is in crisis, austerity is forcing cuts in many front line services.
In these hard times  how many hungry mouths could be fed, instead of wasting it on these parasites.Currently Liz and her family are currently extremely wealthy individuals living rent-free, whilst many of the Queen's subjects are increasingly finding it hard to get by. Britain is going through a time of national economic and social stress due to Brexit, austerity and so on.The Conservative Government currently imposing a draconian, financially-crippling sanction system on jobseekers because they don’t want to pay any money to people who are out of work and simply don’t care if those people come to harm as a result.I'm sure the oldest and most vulnerable in our society are happy Liz is having her house refurbished at tax payers expense, when they cant afford to heat their homes or put enough nutritional meals on the table.Over a million Brits were forced into using foodbanks last year, the NHS is in ".5bn of debt, with hospital chiefs warning us its capacity is stretched to breaking point.And if the public wasn't angry enough already, despite their being no money in the pot for a collapsing NHS, the government have managed to find an extra £389 million down the back of sofa for repairs to flipping Liz's 775 extravagant pad.
The royals think Buckingham Palace is theirs to use and ours to pay for,but its time they were told to look after the buildings themselves, raise their own revenue to fund maintenance or time for them to give the palace back to the people. It would probably be far less expensive to actually  knock the run down building down, it is not fit for purpose anyway , a relic of another age, Liz does not even spend much time there anyway, over at her other modest pads, windsor or balmoral. We could alternatively replace it  and build much needed affordable social houses on the site and simply abolish the monarchy at huge savings to the whole country and the public purse. It's not even the most beautiful building to look at , just an extravagant untidy mess.
In terms of public  perception. the timing of this announcement could not have been worse,thousands of  people seem to think,that it is the royals themselves who should foot the bill for Her Maj’s luxury pad.A petition suggesting The Crown and its estates should pay for the renovations has received just shy of 15,000 backers. I would urge you sign it , the British monarchy have sponged of us long  enough. While they keep  receiving more free money from tax payers while there are cuts to NHS, cuts to ESA and other disability benefits, homelessness and poverty are rife and we are told this is austerity. This  latest announcement is immoral and obscene.It is vile that we are even considering this at all. Public money should not be wasted away for this purpose when there are so many more pressing needs of much more deserving urgency. Whatever your beliefs about the monarchy, it is a slap in the face to know that due to financial mismanagement within the Royal Household that  their buildings have fallen into such states of disrepair. It is time to stop using public money to prop up them up,the decision to give away our money wasn’t actually  made by the royals ,it was made by Theresa May and her Conservative Government, their handing the royals £396m for a makeover of Buckingham palace is simply scandulous and outrageous.
The Queen using some of her vast wealth to pay for the upkeep of the Palace - would be an act that I could support and one that would create greater national unity.I just don't want the funds to come out of benefits for pensioners struggling to pay heating bills, single-parent families, funds for the NHS etc at this difficult time.

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