Thursday, 10 November 2016

Keeping hope alive

Good morning/bore da
are we all still dreaming,
as the foul stench of fascism lingers
and all round we feel so much pain,
dark shadows move among the morning light
but dreams of every man and woman can not be usurped,
in the act of simply believing
we can move all obstacles in our way,
we can still pull tomorrow down
keep rattling kaleidoscopes of change,
our thoughts are currently bruised
but together with love and persistance ,
we can grow stronger, singing songs of love
beyond the confusion, with deep yearning,
messages of faith and hope we can spread
with hard work we can change the locks,
here and there is life's true ideal
that can keep happiness alive,
the chains used to contain us
will no longer be required,
the air still smells of freedom
keeping hope alive.


  1. cheers.... share away:) rattled off earlier this morning.