Friday, 16 April 2021

Mendacious Audacity

As Prince Phillip gets laid to rest
Hogging the limelight, for one last time,
Political corruption, the web of cronyism
Still very much alive and kicking,
From ex  PM dodgy Dave Cameron
To current crooked Conservative M.P's,
The clearest picture is being painted
Of how deep the chumocracy goes,
Take Mr Matt Hancock for instance
With shares in family firm used by NHS,
Are people really not that surprised by all of this
Sleaze is the beating heart of Tory Government,
Nepotism rules, as they steal from our pockets
In the name of capitalism, greed and avarice,
A motley bunch of miscreants with fingers in every pie
While the rest of  us daily keep feeling the squeeze,
Lobbyists and private contractors dining out care free
Steelworkers lives lie in balance, after collapse of Greensill
Tories carry on regardless, simply not giving a bloody toss
Time to spring clean the lot of them, cast out the obliquity.

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