Wednesday, 7 November 2012

95th Anniversary of the Bolshevilk Revolution

On this day1917 the Bolsheviks storm the Winter Palace.

" Not by compromise with the propertied classes, or with the other political leaders, not by concilating the old Government mechanism, did the Bolsheviks conquer the power. Nor by the organised violence of a small clique. If the masses all over Russia  had not been ready for insurrection it must have failed. The only reason for Bolshevik success lay in their accomplishing the vast and simple desires of the most profound strata of the people, calling them  to the work of tearing down and destroyng the old, and afterwards in the smoke of falling ruins, cooperating with them to erect the frame-work of the new"
- John Reed
10 days that shook the World

For a while , at least, another system seemed achievable.Unfortunately, rather than produce socialism, the Bolshevik Revolution gave birth to autocratic party dictatorship residing over a state Capitalist economy and gave rise to the horrors of the Stalinist system. Equality did not appear and many human rights were curtailed. But of course circumstances at the time also dictated, their were many external pressures, and counter revolutionary forces, these were tumultuos times. But for me,  the vision still lingers on, and   in the heart of many others the goal of  global revolution still achievable. Long has this time , had resonance for those of us  who think about freedom and the themes of social justce. So unless we learn from the lessons of history we are doomed to repeat them.
Emma Goldman noted that it was 'a tragic fact that all revolutions have sprung from the loins of war. Instead of translating the revolution into social gains the people have usually  been forced to defend themselves against warring parties.... It seems nothing great is born without pain and travail.'
from Vision on Fire, pages 218-222.

Celebration of the Bolshevik Revolution
on 95th anniversary of Red October
Song written by Woody Guthrie, sung by Billy Bragg

Russian Revolution 1917

The Communist Internationale ( original with English lyrics)

Down with all forms of tyranny, exploitation and oppression. Class war does exist. There simpy is a ruling class and a working class.

Glorious story of October 1917 Revolution
(Soviet Propoganda film)

95th Anniversary of the Russian Revolution

It is perhaps ironic that one day after the dismal election of 2012 we are celebrating the 95th anniversary of the Russian Revolution. There could hardly be a starker contrast. In one case, the working class is presented with a choice between two representatives of the bourgeoiie, each of which is pledged to continue the assault on living standards and democratic rights that have marked the decade since 9/11. As long as the two parties of the bourgeoisie continue to define political life, there is no future.

' There are decades when nothing happens, and then
there are week when decades happen.'
- Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

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