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Harriet Avery Gaul (1886-?) - The War Wife (a song)

lest we forget

American, writer, married commposer Harvey Bartlett Gaul . Authorof Five Nights at the Five Pines ( 1922),( Vamp till Ready, a Comedy of the Depression (1932), and with Ruby Eiseman, John Alfred Breashear, Scientist and Humanitarian, 1840-1920 (1940)

The War Wife (a song)

You left me lad with a heart of stone.
Where are you boy?
You march with flags while I stumble alone,
Where, where are you boy?

Will you ne'er come back through the long dead years.
Where are you boy?
The song of war is the sound of tearsm where, where are you boy?
Where are you boy?

My life grows dark with the redd'ning sun,
My day is nigh and my travail done.
Will you hear our child when the fight is won.
Where are you boy?

Reprinted from
My Country is the Whole World
An Anthology of Women's Work on Peace and War
Cambidge Women's Peace Collective

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