Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Support for disabled Protestor staging vigil and hunger strike outside Atos Offices in Cardiff.

A man stopped of his benefit after falling victim to the dreaded work capability Assesments has announced he will end his hunger strike outside the Cardiff offices of Atos Healthcare, however a week long vigil will continue.
Christos Palmer who has both mental and physical health problems , including depression, hopes the protest will highlight the suffering of disabled people caused by this cruel heartless government. ATOS is the controversial French company  that carries out the controversial work Capability Assessments on behalf of the government.It has been the subject of widespread condemnation from  disability charities and the British Medical Association has called for the assessments to be scrapped completely. The firm has been accused of target chasing for cutting the amount of people found eligible for benefits.Doin this, in a thirst for profit way. I know of people whose G.Ps valuable medical opinions have been simply tossed aside, because ATOS sure do not.
Christos's actions can only be commended, its cold and windy out their on the streets and deserves all the support that can be mustered. He represents all of us faced with this terrible situation. A company being used by this government to wage war against societies most vulnerable. Welfare is now being torn from those, who most deserve it.
He and his supporters have been gathering at St Agnes Road, Cardiff from 9a.m to 4.p.m , all this week until the 9th of November.
all are welcome to go and join them . Their is a facebook group too that you can go to and leave messages of support

A spokesperson from Disabled People Against Cuts in Cardiff http://www.dpac.uk.net/2012/11/disabled-protestor-to-stage-vigil-hunger-strike-outside-of-atos-offices-in-cardiff/  said,

" While we support the protest aims we are extremely concerned about Christos's physical and mental well being. He often suffersfrom extreme fatigue and is housebound on some days. That somebody so unwell has been driven to this shows the desperation that the sick and disabled are being driven to by this government. We are urging him to end his hunger strike."

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