Tuesday, 13 November 2012

What's the point of Police Commissioner Elections in Wales.

Sitting here all bunged up , wondering about the forthcoming elections for Police Commisioners. From what I have gathered the Conservative government seems to have made a right shambles of this.
Not sure of the reason, ah yes, the county police authorities made up of elected local authority members are being disbanded., so the Torys  want something else in place , whether we like it or not, their version of democracy, force something on us while we're not looking.They like changing things. But what they had not imagined is that most people are  are unaware an election is coming, there have been no leaflets through the door,or knocks, and most are totally unaware who is standing. And those that are aware of it , intend ignoring it completely.
After 2 years of Tory rule there are , 28,000 less workers employed in our police forces, than when they first started,  and they reckon they are the party of law and order, they just want to have another political quango, where all there mates can go and roost.
The aim of the Police Commisioner is to set the Police budget and policing precept, Commission Police related services within the force area, improve the accountability of the police to the public, (it seems they have their work cut out.) and engage with the public on policy decision. The public does not seem to be clamouring for this sort of change.
It is  reckoned too that only 15% of the 40 million adults outside of London eligible to vote will bother. In Wales itself the turnout is expected to be less than 10%. Not an amount to be considered a democratic mandate in my opinion. And a Police Commisioner could get a total of 5 % and still incredibly get elected.This is the process of sham democracy,that we are living under.
A second set of ballot papers in English and Welsh has added £350,000 to the bill, to what is already a high amount in times of austerity, an incredible barmy figure of around £75 miillion. But they've save a bit from not publishing individual  manifestos, in case we were interested in what some of the candidates have to say. The message here is, that unless your wealhty enough your message will not get out.
These elections are guaranteed at making  Policing political, (it always has been), and I am afraid the Police Commisioners will be left with far more political influence  than we realise..
As for the Tories enthusiasm for Commisioners, that worries me,  because their ideological bent, gives no two hoots  to local democracy or public involvement. The needs of society will still be ignored, so a new Police Commissioner will not make a blind bit of difference.The possibility of corruption and political elites forming too, is a distinct possibility,I do not think it will lead to greater Police accountability.  So personally we need to oppose it, so that this government does not think it can inflict policies on us, by the back door on  a  dishonourable democratic mandate.
So what  to do,  I humbly recommend, that if you have the urge and feel the need and want to behave like a good citizen,that  you should remember too, that all spoilt ballot papers have to be counted, so a simply writing a message on  your ballo paper of say A.C.A.B will do the trick, or perhaps that's a little to harsh and you could simply write nothing.
Or perhaps you dont want to engage in any of this Political football at all, these are  Police Commisioners who are only taking part  in the first place, because of a thirst for power.  Remember that there is no requirement for Police Commisioners to be experienced in policing - or in fact anything. It is also by the way, an American idea that might be O.K over there, but what works over there does not always work over here.
A tory policy that in the General Election , the people by a majority did not vote for. Yep I won't be voting.
It's all too much of a mess. I  wont be giving their election a sham endorsement. Thats how they keep us in control.


  1. I will be voting; but only because it's an easy one to fathom: Tory or New Labour (Gwyther).
    Yes it must be tricky with independents; who knows what they stand for - could we see Jack Booted, Brown Shirts patroling the streets of Blackburn?
    Probably not.
    But if policing is about to become even more politicised than it is already then anything that can be done to put the dampers on Theresa May and her nasty little coven's plans for the future has got to be a good thing.

    Listen to me - old Romantic Fart; and who says idealism is dead?
    You're right.
    As if it's going to make any difference! roy (pissed off and a little bit pissed...bleh)

  2. hear , hear for democracy Roy.......Tory or New Labour, not much difference in my opinion,as for the independents, not many of them truly so.
    Our curreny police authority has nine democratically elected county councillors plus eight independent members, two of whom are magistrates all appointed after a thorough public application and selection process.So why are we replacing this, ah a choce between two political parties,New Labour in no direction or the bloody tories. I can smell the jackboots marching already,have always said the politicsation of policing is the first step towards fascism.
    Ah Roy I always like to listen to old Romantic farts, all the best......regards..... make mnine a double rum and coke.xx