Wednesday, 14 November 2012

People of Europe Rise Up.

Nuremberg Principle 1V States

" The facts that a person acted pursuant to order of his Government or of a superior does not relieve him from responsibility under international law, provided a moral choice was in fact possible to him."

Google map showing protests taking place today.

10 year old protestor injured by Police in Tarragona, Spain

Firemen on Strike, lay down blocking traffic in Le Mans, France

Students march to the train station to go to Milan demo from Seronna

Strikers at Cross Rail Block Tottenham Court Road, London

Police attack protestors after they block traffic on Oxford Street London

Barricades in Asturias Spain

5,000 students take to the streets of Rome.

Valencia, Spain

Tuis, Italy

Capitalism kills - action against the banks in Spain

Brussells, Belgium

Solidarity Forever
an injury to one is an injury to all.
If the problem is economics dont use more economics.

The Story

Peoples of Europe rise up!

Peoples of Europe shut the TV and rise from those
graves disguised as chairs...
Because you are Europe.
You are Italy, Greece, Germany, France and all the
other countries.
They are just those who have patented the name.
They are just those who understood how to use it first.
They arejust who will run away first when the ship
will sink.

Peoples of Europe turn offf the engine that chained you
one behind the other and rise up from those prisons
disguised as cars...
Because you are the every day walking, working, and
fighting Europe.
You are the engine, not that under the hood.
They are travelling, not you.
They arrive at the finish, never you.

People of Europe pull that damn phone from ear,
crash it in a thousand pieces and rise up from that
slavery disguised as freedom...
Because you are the ones who have to talk to each other,
face to face, everywhere.
You should be intercepted, you should be those who
say the words able to bring down the house of trick
cards they have built around you.
They have never had anything interesting to say.
They never needed you to tell the truth.
Tjhey are just a good bluff.

People of Europe, at least for now, turn off also this
computer and rise up.
Leave home, go on the streets and squares, and not
because someone has invited you to  to do from
Because those streets and squares are yours.
You are the ones that have built them.
You are the ones that daily pay their price.
They are only the ones that have stolen them...

PS: Now someone will say that I am a communist...

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