Friday, 16 November 2012

Mahmoud Darwish (13/3/41 - 9/8/08) - Think of Others

Sitting in the library, thoughts as yesterday, with the beleagured citizens of Gaza. A place that I have never been to, whose language I cannot speak, whose heartbreak I have not even come near too, whose oranges I have never picked, whose sky I have never touched, whose air I've never inhaled. But long has their story touched me, their struggle held much resonance. In their history of hardship and struggle, these people have never given up hope, even when they are daily besieged, imprisoned. And now Israeli  are launching a series of deadly attacks against this giant open air prison camp, resulting in the deaths of many innocents with many more left injured.
The BBC and the mainstream media does not seem to highlight the grief that Israel is bringing to the innocent, we must be made to comprehend and speak out.
Anyway some time for some reflection, so here are the words of one of Palestinians greatest poets Mahmoud Darwish.

Think of Others

As you fix your breakfast, think of others. Don't forget to feed the pigeons.

As you fight in your wars, think of others. Don't forget those who desperately demand peace.

As you pay your water bill, think of others who drink the cloud's rain.

As you return home, your home think of others. Don't forget those who live in tents.

As you sleep and count planets, think of others. There are people without any shelter to sleep.

As you express yourself using all metaphorical expressions, think of others who lost their rights to speak.

As you think of others who are distant, think of yourself and say "I wish I was a candle to fade away the darkness.

Translated by Shahd Ausalama

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