Monday, 19 November 2012

Something in the Air

A Poem for Gaza

There's something in the air, as sirens sing,
the pavements twisted with broken embers of peace,
a   prism of shimmering emptiness as promise lays cursed.
Shoes speckled with blood, abandoned and bereft,
the sad drumbeat of humanity's curse.
Tiny hands, rigid fossil like,as fire breaths  from a blood
red sky.
Prayers on all sides, succumb to deep shadows,
as sunset descends, into deep labyrinths of hell,
the velocity of winds gather up storms.
We maintain vigil, take sides, proliferate opinions,
as the reverberations of suffering and sorrow grow.
This experience of darkness, impossible to erase,
like black mountains, glimmering across the night sky.
In the morning, the chants still ring out,
Inshallah, Inshallah, as the weeping mother buries her dead.


  1. So sad the imagery mirroring the reality, good words my friend ...

  2. thanking you

  3. Very moving, clever imagery, thank you