Thursday, 25 April 2013

Atos Healthcare : The Tory Capability Assessment Form

Meanwhile in all seriousness,  lets remind ourselves that Atos are paid £110m a year to carry out the assessments for the DWP and a further £60m of public money is being spent on administering appeals, because so many decisions have been contested. The British Medical Association has described the assessments as 'not fit for purpose',
Many people  have dropped down dead within three months of being told they are fit for work, in a humiliating and demeaning process that seems to be making sick people even sicker.
Lets not forget it was the Labour Party that first  introduced this process. A stressful and gruelling process as anyone who has gone through it will know. The scale of anxiety caused can  be very daunting.
Here's a link to the atos victims group, who tell us how it really is.


Fraudster Atos fined for supplying fake crip detectors for use in fitness for work tests

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