Thursday, 18 April 2013


As Big Ben stood silent,it felt out of sync,
too many things are happening at the moment,
the spirit of meaness rustling in the breeze,
but if you like choreography, carry on regardless,
follow restrictions, orders metered out.
In the embers, no happy ending,
in the end what unites us, is what divides,
persistent barks that light tomorrows fuse,
and if you like surprises, look away,
                                        close your eyes,
because in serious times, uncertainty,
becomes jagged and dangerous.
The sky of our hearts,always glimmers,
beyond the cages,and the shackles ,
that are provided,
moving fast,in rythmic pulse,
beyond the ideologies of ruin,
waiting is a game the patient play,
some of us choking now,
don't have time to stand in line,
twitching behind our curtains,
our hearts sing,
listing our intentions,
unpeeling the spin of ugliness,
we write messages, that dream of escape,
on building blocks of longing.
Moving on, moving on,
invisible branches taking root,
past the slurry of memory,
we take back from yesterday,
what has been stolen,
resiliance swims against the odds.

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