Tuesday, 2 April 2013

OK Duncan Smith, here is your £53

OK Duncan Smith, here is your £53

I've deducted
£15 for your electricity and gas. You are on a pre-payment card and it costs
£3 towards your TV License
£3 towards tour travel costs to sign once a fortnight
£14 as you are now a social housing tenant you have two bedrooms. Don't give me that nonsence about your wife being unwell
£2 Council Tax contribution as you live in England

That leaves you £16 a week to live on, barely enough for a daily pint of milk
and a copy of that vile newspaper that published you this morning.

OK, let's forget the milk and the paper. I'm going to take another £5 for
phone charges as the DWP are on a premim rate number and £5 off
towards that crisis loan you took out to pay to get your boiler repaired.
That's £6 a week to survive on.

Think you can still do it? Try doing it every bastard week.

No 'just saying, no 'best wishes' and Seren is too fucking cross to comment.

You can rot in hell

(with thanks to Don Atreides)

Ian Duncan Smith to live on £53 a week



  1. There will also be an expectation of job hunting going on, which will require application forms to be sent out. Unless this is done in the Jobcentre Plus offices which will increase the money that is required to travel.

    Heaven help you if anything other than the boiler goes wrong...

  2. absolutely....thanks for comment, regards.