Monday, 9 June 2014

Anti-Homeless spikes in Central London

Rolls  of steel studs have recently been placed at the Picadilly Circus Branch in Central London of Tesco and  outside a block of luxury flats in to try to prevent homeless people sleeping out.What kind of country are we living in.

Let us remember that until a couple of  hundred years ago four fifths of this country ( and even a larger proportion elsewhere) was common land to be used by everyone as they saw fit. Now there's   hardly a square  inch of horizontal surface  that doesn't seem to have been  taken by some greedy so and so's. When some people say property is theft, this is  literally what they mean.
Because of the Tory Governments policies rough sleepers have risen sharply across the country  with a massive 75% rise in London. People are daily struggling due to a lack  of housing, cuts to benefits and cuts to homeless services, that are  supposed to be their to help  people rebuild their lives,  and the government  continues to spend billions of pounds on  war and spying, while the vulnerable  are hidden out of sight. People at the end of the day being treated less than vermin.
We are daily systematically being  robbed blind by ...and the worst is yet to  come. It should be enough to shame us all.


  1. Having emigrated to GOD'S own country in the seventies from London, finding myself in spitting distance of the lazy Teifi, I find myself wondering why anyone who even knows of the Teifi would take themselves off to such a godforsaken place as London.

    Looking at Teifidancer's impressive profile I wonder whether it would matter where he or she lives with so many blogs to read. So much riveting stuff.

    Well back to my reality and I will just go talk to my Highland cattle.

    Final thought: if the nasty rich people are making it so uncomfortable for the homeless, why can't they organise, target somewhere more comfortable and move in en masse.

  2. well thank you kindly ...... I like visiting London, but would not dream of living there, hope your cattle are fine, and in good conversation. I wish that the homeless were given the support that they truly need, however, under this draconian government, I cannot see their circumstances improving in the foreseeable future. We will see.