Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Rick Mayall ( 7/3/58 -9/6/14) - Don't Fear Death R.I.P

Real crap news and sad to hear  that comic genius Rik Mayall had died suddenly yesterday, I fondly   remember his celebrated characters in sitcoms like the  Young Ones, Blackadder , the New Statesman, the Comic strips on Channel 4 , lest forget  his alter ego Kevin Turvey, and off course the inevitable Bottom. An early inspirations to my own  anarchic impulses, even though his portrayal  in the Young Ones was off a pompous, cowardice, halfwit... I still remember fondly it's sheer brilliance.
His eyes bulging, silly and chaotic, and always a little rude, stupid  with outbreaks of sheer violence, guess  that's why we loved him, his command of physical comedy was simply amazing, a true shining light.
He along  with his comic  writing partner, Adrian Edmondson, along with others  like Alexai Sayle, Dawn French and Jenniffer Saunders, amongst others injected an energy  into the British comedy scene of  1980's, which was to be known  as 'alternative comedy'.
He seemed to have disappeared for awhile after a vehicle accident left him in a coma back  in  1998, but he survived, however he was left with in epilepsy.
However he  returned to the stage, and  starred in a few films..... but the peoples poet Rik of the Young Ones is now dead and I will miss his work, I will still hate fascists and will still snort on about the evil of Thatcher and her cohorts.
He has left us far to early, but left us with this contribution   to a black comedy aired last August on Channel 4, called  'don't fear death' screened as part of Channel 4's Random Acts series... it adds  that 'death is your passport to complete and utter freedom. No pulse, no responsibility. Carpe mortem - seize death'.
I end with some personal favourites from Rick's career. R.I.P

Don't Fear Death

Rick Mayall as Kevin Turvey

Rick Mayall - Poetry

Alan Bastard on Healthcare

15 Top Moments of Rick Mayall as Rik in the Young Ones

The Young Ones - The Peoples poet

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