Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Cameron Defending Coulson, time and again, over the years.

The above is a link to the best of Dave repeatedly praising Andy Coulson over the years. The only reason that Cameron wants to distance  himself now is that Coulson has got caught. Cameron is nothing but an unelected toffy nosed hypocrite.

We should not forget  how Dave has deliberately himself  mislead the people, not just a few times, but it seems like ad infinitum. Time and again he is caught out but we don't hear any apologies from his lips for his actions. How the hell is he  our Prime minister anyway, no one voted for him. He sure has a lot to apologise for, he will be known like  Blair  before him as an exceedingly dishonest politician. Constantly  lying and using disinformation on the N.H.S, his list of broken policies longer than his arm, going back on dozens of pledges, but then, this is what one comes to expect from a Tory.

His art of scheming manipulation he really has got down to a fine art.

As for Rebecca Brooks being found not guilty,  oh it's such a farce, who was her barrister, yes Cameron's brother,  seems she still has so many friends in high places.

At the end of the day, it's all still  rotten  at the top, the tory's will carry on hating the poor, as the media  tries to distract us with some trivia, their lies will continue.

Something surely has to change!

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