Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Who the **** is Katie Hopkins

Who the **** is Katie Hopkins.
In reality a person of increased insensitivity, a caustic piece of venom, the only job she does is the theatre of cruelty that she has embraced. A husband stealing, failed Apprentice Contestant turned media rent-a- mouth, spewing forth all sorts of bigoted nonsense as she tries to drown out common sense with her coarsing voice releasing  her demented breath as her swivel eyes turn.
I too can use my voice, to attack, but what difference does she make either, this acid tongued bore, who on all accounts does not seem to have a bit of decency or dignity in her soul that continues to release rather fascist tendencies .
 Unlike her I genuinely feel sorry for her victims,  who are all are open to her radar, sick children, immigrants the unemployed, the late Trade Union leader Bob Crow who she insulted only minutes after his passing, the poor and the vulnerable, societies marginalised, yesterday coming out in favour of spikes embedded in spikes to deter rough sleepers. She uses her voice and her cloak of privilege, to be employed by the lowest of all our rapid tabloid journals the Sun. There never seems to be an ounce of remorse, as she carries on blaming her victims.
In the news again recently as she speaks out against people in long term unemployment, suggesting that they are issued with special unemployed persons uniforms, writing on Twitter " Time we issued  an unemployed person uniform. She is a real nasty piece of work, whose only gainful employment is to sprout her controversial views. Guess I'm a direct opposite to all she stands for, but unlike her I will admit when I'm wrong, she however will never offer an apology and carry on regardless.
We live supposedly in a free and tolerant country I guess,  so we are entitled to our differing views, but surely in this  melting pot of a world, the world is emptier, when especially  we still have room for the likes of Katie Hopkins, I wish her no real harm, but the world would surely be a happier place, if she disappeared  from our earshot and our T.V screens.
Rant over..... I will carry on  dreaming  of a fairer, equal world, that really cares about people, a future full of bright possibility, where our diversity's is celebrated, the voiceless too are aloud to speak and  bacterial division and scorn is not  spread.


  1. Cheers Dave! My rant by proxy...

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    2. your welcome... ah teifidancer has a name...hey ho for anonyminity.... xx