Sunday, 29 June 2014

Be Careful of drunken words

                                                                 (Thanks Kim)

Be careful of  drunken words  that are let loose,
in particular after drinking large quantities of wine and cider,
they will create and reel in havoc,
as they tear themselves into pieces.

Be careful of drunken words,
that cannot walk in straight lines,
words  that break through taboos,
words if breathalysed could be charged,
and then imprisoned,
words  that may never be found again,
because they have been put in solitary confinement.

Be careful of drunken words,
let loose with abandonment,
wide eyed and legless,
sprawled on the pavement outside,
staggering without pause,
staining the paths of conformity,
refusing to be silent.

Be careful of drunken words,
in the streets hawking messages of sorrow,
weeping, keeping faith with blurred sensitivity,
rippling with defiance, straining to be heard,
spitting against the gates, frightening the sober
                                                 voices away.
Be careful of drunken words.

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