Thursday, 12 June 2014

Enjoy the World Cup but consider the injustice of it all.

First things first, I confess I am not a fan of the so called beautiful game, but with massive protests breaking out daily against the World Cup in Brazil  because  of mass unemployment and severe poverty I can also understand why many indigenous youth  do not support the World Cup  currently being held in Brazil  and realise why the large scale opposition that is taking place has so much validity.
Many Brazilians see their government having wasted billions of their money on  this event, while their futures  offer little hope,  as billions of  pounds  of money, seems to have been wasted, instead of being  directed elsewhere on essential things like  healthcare and education.
A country rich in this  games history, afterall having won 5 World Cup titles, more than any other country, anticipating a win against their first game against Chile later, one would have thought  this event would have garnered some kind of favour, but at the end of the day the poorest people of Brazil  will not  not benefit, from this most  expensive World Cup to date . 
People of the World should consider the many people evicted, from their once proud homes and neighbourhoods to make way for this global corporate event, with street vendors  removed from their daily sufficiency.
If this occasion, draws attention to the underprivileged Brazilians,it will possibly be of some worth.
Daily protests are rising in numbers, and hopefully the World's stage will be able to witness  the people of Brazil speaking out against injustice with their increased  public displays of anger.
The world will  hear Jennifer Lopez sing 'We are One'  but  might also  understand  the the clear voices of opposition standing below,   risking  arrest for simply  displaying their outrage.
Any further  disruption to this  event I will completely understand, from the favelas and the streets that link, I will support their hungry resistance, with solidarity's breath.
Anyway message spread,  enjoy the World Cup, if you can.


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