Friday, 27 June 2014

Rebekhah Brooks - I am Innocent

Of course you are dear. You who sniggered all  the way through the trial, knowing  to bloody full well that you would get away with it! Typical British Justice,... Money buys your freedom.
As for the government, who trust them anymore, have they  themselves not  been involved  in shady dealings,  including phone hacking. I kid you not.
All of the  above tainted, it all reeks  of the establishment protecting one of  their own. Brooks will continue to pop round to Daves,  share some lunch, he cannot distance from her at the end of the day, because   she knows where the other bodies are buried.
As well as these two involvement in this scandal,  we  are left with  the legacy of the police's  own implication. Bribes taken, a web of corruption, at the end of the day , the people are not satisfied. Public anger will increase for a long time to come.

Rebekah Brooks admits to paying Police.