Wednesday, 14 October 2015

A New World in our hearts ( a poem)

We are building a new world in our hearts,
red and black flags united against the system,
with courage to demand nothing for us alone,
but everything for everyone else,
following a map towards tomorrow,
developing our own journeys,
both individually and collectively,
as we travel.

We don't want to rule others,
and we will not be ruled,
we have no masters, our thoughts are free,
we have removed the chains that bind us,
demanding the impossible, 
disintegrating capitalism,
creating the world we want.

They try to reject us,
degrade us, belittle us,
shame us and ignore us,
because together we are strong,
in unity we are fearless,
as we try to eradicate their consensus,
we will grow wiser, kinder and more content.

At the moment, our insides ache,
filled with emotions of love and rage,
carrying us away from webs of deceit,
the daily delusionary shackles of greed,
living only now to feed our need,
among widening circles that reach
                              out across the world,
believing in hope,
and the messages that we share,
we fill our pockets with resistance,
keep on building  new worlds in our hearts.

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