Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Cabinet of millionaires ( A Poem)

The cabinet of millionaires, dining now on the misery they cause,
filling their guts with the carcasses of the people,
the richest parasites in Britain, gathered in one place,
guarded and protected in their ivory towers,
eating from silver spoons, gorging from golden troughs.

Negating and abusing with denigration and labels,
calling their undeserving victims layabouts and scroungers,
rejects and lazy bastards, this all from a self serving elite,
drunk on political power, running wild and amok,
spreading pain, and broken promises, for own personal gain.

The cabinet of millionaires spit venom on its citizens of hunger,
plutocrats gaining from capital and corporate shares,
bankrolled by big business and multinational strength,
in the spirit of their ideology, continue to plunder all that we possess,
making the underclass below their feet weep, as obscenity is spread,
but the people outside have grown weary and tired, and have had enough.

As they trot around their conference centre,
time now to subvert their authority, 
after all the poor have nothing left to lose,
apart from their poverty and chains, and self respect,
so together lets take back what's been stolen from the tory piggy bank,
singing bread and roses, people not profit,
chanting in unison, Tory's out,
one more time, oink, oink, oink.

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