Thursday, 8 October 2015

Lost ( a poem for National Poetry Day)

( poem for National Poetry Day, written in 10 minutes, Llyfrgell Aberteifi/Cardigan... 14.51

Poetry lives,
it has to, 
in order to be free, 
precious and unguarded,
but sadly is often not noticed,
as people walk on by,
not even looking,
so simply ignored.

Like a big issue seller,
wearing an invisibility cloak,
words written in life's  frenzy,
in times emotion,
can be rejected,
left behind, stuck on a page,
lonely and lost.

Sometimes clumsy,
after  sipping too many wines,
just takes a chance,
thinking about yesterday,
and the days to come,
words escape,
to express feelings,
contained within.

Searching for meaning,
waiting to be set free,
with shaking fingertips,
imperfect thoughts,
half formed,
no other way.

As the winds outside,
continue to blow,
words unregulated,
arrive random and unexplained
the sound of a heart beating,
a lonely cry.

The  mind continues to explore,
silence has no room to contain,
this  wanderer is to full,
of love and spirit,
so will continue to spread,
a wild virus of precious intent.
making it all up as I think,
refusing to be abandoned.

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