Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Outrageous a Tory got egged

Bit late with this one I know, but been kind of busy. A Tory walks the streets of Manchester, where the Tory's are currently not welcome, and is seen laughing and waving a picture of Margaret Thatcher, a clearly divisive figure to the anti-austerity protestors who have this week gathered in Manchester. Provoking  and  antagonising, clearly taking the piss , at all those who had gathered, and then some people are outraged when he receives an  egging!
I'm outraged too, that  the people who are now stealing tax credits from hard working families, making people rely on food banks in order to survive, cutting benefits for pensioners, sanctioning the unemployed, the sick and vulnerable and making life unbearable for disabled people,  spreading daily the cruelty of poverty are allowed to walk free around the streets with such arrogance.
Egg throwing is a continuing long, proud tradition of British protest. Eggs are usually used because they are cheap, and easy to detonate, and leave a lot of mess.
I want to shake the hand of the individual who threw the egg. Not that Im actually advocating that you should throw anything at anyone. Wish though it had been David Cameron who was left with egg on his face.

' He's just a Tory boy from a privileged family, egged in the mush for laughing loud at poverty.'

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