Friday, 16 October 2015

Reality check!

If this  individual was carrying a knife,why did they need  10 men to shoot her?
If Jerusalem was united, why does it's mayor call only on Jews to carry guns to protect themselves?
What should Palestinians carry? Potatoes?
If Israel feels unsafe among Palestinians, why build colonial settlements on stolen Palestinian 
11,000 Palestinians have been  forced out of East Jerusalem by deliberate Israeli policy.,
Are new checkpoints and concrete blocks at the entrance of neighborhoods in East Jerusalem, not acts of provocation?  
How many innocent lives have been effected by tear gas, rubber bullets and live ammunition? 
Should we not be alarmed about Israel's  policy of extrajudicial killing aimed solely at Palestinians?
Why is the collective punishment reserved  exclusively for family members of Palestinian, but never against those in settlements?
800,000 illegal israeli settlers use more water than the entire Palestinian population of 3 million.
Israel has demolished 15,000 Palestinian homes.
70.7% of the entire forest area in the West Bank has been destroyed to build settlements.
100% of illegal settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem are illegal under international law.
Why are families not allowed to rebuild destroyed homes?
As Israeli aggression against Palestinians continues  the need for solidarity intensifies too.
Does my empathy for victims, not simply make me human?
Can their ever be peace when their is occupation?

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