Sunday, 11 October 2015

Palestinian lives do not seem to matter to the BBC

                         14 Palestinians killed in 2 days and  above is how the BBC report it.

Currently the British government is carrying  out the biggest attack on our movement yet. But I will continue to stand by the BDS campaign as I always have.
I will not condone the disproportionate reporting of the BBC either or the brutal murder of Palestinian citizens by Israels IDF. Everyday Israel forces shoot Palestinians often with video evidence of them breaking international laws, and the BBC news covers the situation always with the amount of Israeli deaths. Anyone who does not look behind the reports would draw the opinion that the Palestinians were at fault entirely.
Palestinian deaths are mentioned as a passing comment.  It seems that the life of a Palestinian simply has no value. The illegal occupation of Palestine by Israel merely presented as  a 'conflict' or even a 'war.' In the coverage of the situation the BBC often fails to convey the reality of the situation. The result is we are often presented with a completely false picture, that there are two sides fighting each other, but one presented as victims and the other side to be disproportianately to be blamed.
Today alone Israel has injured 66 Palestinians with live ammunition  during confrontations with Israeli army in Ramallah, Nablus and Tulkrum,  are they trying to provoke another intifada, it seems so,  Also accrding to Keneth Roth of Human rights watch ' indiscriminate or deliberate firing on observers and demonstrators who pose no imminent threat violates the international standards that bind Israeli security forces :-
We should be angry and speak out when the BBC and David Cameron remain silent, to the never ending brutal murder of children and the people  of Palestine.
So I will continue to support the representatives of Palestinians civil society,  call for broad boycotts and implement  divestment initiatives against Israel similar to those applied to South Africa in the apartheid era, until a form of justice is served, that forces to comply with international law,  respect fundamental human rights and thus end its occupation and oppression of the Palestinian people. There will sadly be no peace until the occupation ends.

You can make a complaint to the BBC here if you wish :-


    as a kid and young-person-I used to respect the BBC-as only serious true reports
    NOW -i feel the same as I feel 4 the lowest CARDATION REALITY-TO THE BBC

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  3. The BBC showed a video last night on ten o clock news- but only in part, of an unarmed 65 year old man walking up to heavily armed soldiers and telling them to stop shooting and leave. But the video does not show the aftermath, when a shot rings out, with the Palestinian faling to the ground. Accurate fair reporting, no bloody way.