Saturday, 10 October 2015

Fascist Mosley gets knocked down.

On this day in 1937, fascist leader Oswald Mosley was due to speak on some vacant land by Queen's drive in Liverpool. but instead of what he was expecting, is greeted by a crowd of more than 800, many of them hostile, and vehemently anti-fascist. He is greeted by a volley of bricks and stones.With hundreds of missiles thrown. The streets of Liverpool clearly  did not want to give him  a welcome.
After giving a fascist salute, and before he had uttered  a word he is hit by a stone on the temple and.
is knocked unconscious. His minions flee and scarper, and Mosley was to spend a week recovering from concession at Walton hospital.

 From 1937 onwards the appeal of the fascist blackshirts thankfully waned and Mosley was eventually detained in prison  in 1940, for the duration of the war.
Liverpool  had an honoured tradition in the fight against fascism. Around 130 local men, among them the late  Trade Union leader Jack Jones, had joined the International Brigades in Spain, in their fight against the fascist  forces of  General Franco.
But we should always be on our guard, and when they try to gather, as they still do, trying to spread their filth on our streets. We will meet them with resistance and force, and continue to knock the fascists down.
They shall never pass.Nazi scum never given a welcome. No pasaron.

Anti-fascist mural from the 1930's

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