Monday, 21 March 2016

5 Reasons Why Ian Duncan Smith's Resignation Could End Austerity

When the news headlines are the ' crisis ' in the tory party  you know it's a good day already,  a time  that I for one release a mighty smile. As for compassionate Conservatism. Their is no such thing. Their all grubby pocket-lining  trough snouters.
Here's 5 reasons  why Ian Duncan Smith's resignation letter could end austerity.

1. Ian Duncan Smiths resignation letter attacked Osborne's claim that 'we are all in it together.' Osbornes budget  cut £3000 a year from disabled people to pay for tax cuts from the rich.

2. His letter also revealed that  Tory cuts were ' distinctly political rather  than in the national economic interest.'  Finally killing the myth that austerity  is about helping the economy.

3. Osbornes  austerity has been  shown to be failing  on its own terms. He has missed his own targets  on investment, debt and balancing the books.

4. Tory M.Ps and the general public have joined IDS in attacking these cuts. A poll  showed that fewer British people than ever believe Government cuts are necessary.

5. Support  for an alternative anti-austerity  message is now much stronger than the Tories message. It seems that the British public is finally waking up to the fact that ideological austerity is one big con. A socially and destructive one designed to transfer wealth form the majority of people to the super rich minority. We must continue to oppose the Tories damaging toxic policies, and make the case  for an economy  in which prosperity is shared by all. 

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