Thursday, 17 March 2016

George Osborne's budget.

Budget 2016: Income Tax cuts will see the richest benefit by benefit,  but the poor again  left with less.
George Osborne delivered  a bitter sweet budget as he announced a surprise tax on fizzy drinks but slash public spending while  handing the rich a massive tax cut. This budget no different to his other seven,  simply allowing his business  pals to enjoy tax breaks that allow them to dodge billions in corporation tax, and the super rich  again enjoying lower rates of income tax.
His budget he maintained also was ' a budget that puts the next generation first.' but what the next generation will inherit will be the shadow of a welfare state that once enabled people from disadvantaged backgrounds to survive. 
Furthermore a third of his budget cuts will come from disability benefits, as the Chancellor revoltingly informed us that he had made a conscious decision to save £ 4.4 by cruelly cutting Personal Independence Payments  (PIP) to 640,000 by 2020. 
The sight of Osborne being mauled and petted by his chums  was pretty nauseating too. But in one of his strongest  performances at  the disbatch box,  the labor leader Jeremy Corbyn responded well  ( not that their are not faults in his policies) in recognising  that the  buget had 'unfairness to it's core''
He said " The budget the chancellor has delivered is actually the culmination of six years of his failures. It is a recovery  built on sand on  and a budget of failure. He's failed  on the budget deficit, failed  on debt, failed on investment,  failed on productivity, failed on trade deficit, failed on the welfare cap, failed to tackle inequality in this country.
Going on to say :-
' This budget has unfairness  at its very core, paid for those who can least afford  it. He could not have made  his priorities clearer - while 500,000  people with disabilities  are losing  over £1bn in PIP, corporation tax is being cut and billions handed out in tax cuts to the very wealthy."

Yes, at the end of the day this budget is a total disaster for the most vulnerable  people in the UK, but 100 billion left for trident  which could have cut the NHS hole  and help end austerity and help the poor and needy and pay poor tax payers back , the money stolen by the Tory's to bail the banksters out. 
Oh and a little less cleavage on the Tory front bench would have been much appreciated too,  vent over, think I'll go and have a wee drink, the stronger the better. 

Jeremy Corbyn's  full  response to budget here:-


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