Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Brussels blast.

Sad to hear  that at least  26 have died and many injured after blasts erupted in Brussels airport this morning. This comes  after last weeks arrest of main suspect in the deadly Paris attacks, Salah Abdeslam.
This attack part of a nihilistic movement that many are calling fascist in nature. Carried out by those with a warped negative view of humanity. Seeking not justice, but apocalypse and destruction.  Seeking it seems  to spread ethnic hatred against one another,  trying to create deeper divisions over an ever fractured continent.
We must truly stand in solidarity, literally, side  by side, with the victims, in unity with all  forces who  fight the ideology of ISIS on whatever front. We must repel  this death cult, keep searching for answers,  these  forces of fascism can not be allowed to win. Condemn this indiscriminate use of violence as a way of achieving their ends. Acknowledge that many of the victims  of these atrocities are ordinary working class people, from  diverse backgrounds, and that this is indefensible. We must also extend our full solidarity to any who face possible racist attack, as a result of some sort of backlash. We must not allow civil liberties to  be lost in exchange for a false sense of security and justice.
 This  latest incident is horrible and very sad, so  lets hope that we can break the cycle rather than allow this to become the new normal.  Sadly though  the enemy is to be found within every country. We must not  forget that bombs do not discriminate,  daily bombs fall in Ankara, Turkey, in many other places too, too numerable to mention, all  human lives lost, matter too. The flag filters of tragedy does not just come to European countries.  Somehow we are France, and Belgium, but sometimes forget to be  Nigeria, Palestine, Lebanon, Ivory Coast, Burkino Faso, etc etc. All life is equal, all life matters.
We must not turn the blame, and the hatred  and use it on  refugees , fleeing the same evil, plus our own bombs, (in their own country's) this is their suffering too and is not just happening today, but everyday. 
My heart goes out to the family and friends of the dead and wounded. Let us pray for all humanity, the world is in chaos. 

Remember both  of those below want to eliminate  the grey zone


  1. A horrific and terribly sad day for the Human race. My condolences go out to all Family and Friends of those whose loved ones perished in Brussels today by an act carried out in such a cowardly and despicable way.

  2. cheers Lee, yes tragic. Futile assassins of freedom, cannot be allowed to win.