Wednesday, 2 March 2016

No one deserves to be teargassed, looking for shelter

Poetic response to events that have recently taken place in Calais and on the Greek/Macedonian border. Published on I am not a silent Poet Blog :-  
Their pain is our shame.

No one deserves to be teargassed,
looking for shelter,
treated like savages, given no respect,
hope destroyed left in tatters,
reason left beyond recognition,
tears now drown the soil,
that once sustained them,
that acted as a bridge,
between life and death,
laughter and solace now lost,
as politicians seem not to care,
whether peoples dreams survive,
air now heavy in bullshit and tyranny,
my heart bleeds too,
as I witness this hell from afar,
innocent beings punished and forsaken,
memories already haunted, cloaked in grief.


  1. there are a few groups you could be involved with as you are obviously touched by this Dave - I can put you thru to them they always need volunteers ?

    the situation there is awful

    1. Good morning Hilary, yes like many people I guess I cannot fail to be moved by this ongoing crisis of our times.We are daily witnessing victims being punished, in scenes of tragedy. Many volunteers and activists that I am in contact with currently feel helpless about the current situation,some who have actually been over to Calais are simply appalled by the inhuman barbaric actions of the state. Many now feeling tired and exhausted, not knowinghow to move forward.My local Amnesty Group has been trying to urge our local councils to become trailblazers of humanity, encoraging more refugees to be granted sanctuary here. Ceredigion havetakenin a few, but it is simply not enough. Their are some good initiatives and projects taking place however, a local care Farm called Clynfyw based in Abercych has been doing a lot of stirlingwork to raise awareness of the plight of refugees, then their is Aberaid in Aberystwyth, and Hiraeth West Wales Refugee support organisation that has also been doing a lot of good work.We need to keep pushing our Governments to do more, and help those that seek to empower refugees and asylum seekers building new futures here in Wales, and keep helping and building a society where respect, dignity and equality is given to all.Wemust continue to speak out for those fleeing conflict, persecution and oppression, best wishes and warm regards.