Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Solidarity with disability protesters being silenced now.

Solidarity with disability cut protesters  at the House of Commons earlier.  The BBC and ITV were been told to stop filming  because it might encourage campaigners to stage similar stunts. So above here's a photo. Not that we are used to viewing anything contentious on our mainstream  news media. Business as usual. Strange that the BBC saw fit to try and report it though  because when an anti-austerity protest was attended by over 50,000 people recently, they decided not to report it and bury the news.
Following yesterdays post, it is worth noting that welfare cuts have already killed more people by their own government in the UK  than terrorists have killed in Europe. The deaths will continue. Sad to report of anyone under attack, these facts  might not prove popular, but I believe that the sickest and most vulnerable deserve to have headlines of their own as well. 
Yes terrorists are evil , but we should forget that out own Governments in order to govern, has been allowed to get away with murder, punishment and spite, directed against the most vulnerable. 
My heart goes out to all victims. May they all get the justice they deserve. 
Campaigners voices continually must be heard.


  1. apparently there are guidelines set in place about when and whee filming can be carried out. Funny how democracy can control what we see. I guess this is how they retain their grip on power. But in the modern age things will be reported about some way or other.

  2. The tories make me sick,they are total bastards and they should be kicked out of power before any more people lose their lifes.