Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Police Shooting of Jean Charles De Menezes was lawful rules ECHR - Marking the death of Justice.

Just over  10 years ago an innocent 27 year old  Brazilian electrician Jean Charles De Menezes  was  mistaken  for a suicide bomber and shot at close range 7 times  in the head while sitting on a bench at Stockwell Tube Station in London on his way to work .Two weeks earlier 52 people tragically lost their lives on July 21 in a wave of terrorist bombings on the London transport system. Jean Charles was not a terrorist though. No warnings were ever shouted and he subsequently died on the spot. Nobody would want  to deny  the police the right to shoot dead a sucide bomber if they genuinely thought  he was about to blow up innocent people, but on all accounts this is not what happened here. Due to failings of the Met police from Commander to officer on the the ground an innocent man was killed deliberately and unessessarily// 
But this  killing has now been ruled lawful according to the European Court for Human Rights , see further details here :- Todays ruling comes  as a major blow to his family who have endured a 10 year legal battle and a long fight to achieve justice
An innocent man abroad killed at the hands of the British State. Still no justice , and no one held for account, I personally feel this to be an utter disgrace.  Once again  the British police allowed to  be unaccountable, in the so called name of justice. We should not forget the memory of this innocent man, and the tragic disturbing circumstances  in how his life was lost.

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