Saturday, 5 March 2016

Clean for the Queen - No thanks!

                                 Pictured above Michael Gove looking far too jolly and bright

Around the country purple billboards formatted in the style of those annoying keep calm carry on posters have emerged urging people of the land to spruce up their streets, vacuum up their villages, for the benefit of the Queens 90th birthday celebrations in April.  While communities across the country are suffering from long term deprivation, due to government cuts to local services , austerity and gentrification  this new campaign backed  by Country Life and Keep Britain Tidy expects  people to do hours of unpaid work, get down on our hands and knees and scrub  for a woman born into incredible wealth and opulence who has probably never picked up a piece of rubbish in her life, at a time when official  funding for the parasitical royal family has risen 38% to a staggering £ 42.8 million. Austerity sure is tough for some. Quite simply the most patronising campaign I have heard of for a long time, that simply treats us commoners like peasants, serfs and minions.
At first I thought it was some internet viral joke, but the story  actually turned out to be true. Ever since, always eager to brown-nose to the royals, Tory politicians have been  quick to don hi-viz waistcoats and  have a pose, like Mr Gove pictured, the sight of him alone  just makes me want   to go outside and kick over a wheelie bin. Cameron is said to have lent his support too. As have retailers like Costa, McDonalds and Greggs, producers and generators themselves of a hell of a lot of rubbish.
The clean up actually began yesterday  after it has been reported that some local authorities,have cut the money they spend on street cleaning  by an average of 16%  in real  times since 2010 and by more than 80% in some districts. I remember also that the Queen herself as reported by the Guardian in 2012 did not even pay her own cleaning staff the living wage, the princely sum of £6.67 per hour, at a time when the living wage was calculated to be £.8.55:-
., which does suggest a rather contemptuous to her own employees, God bless her.
I guess it was  not her idea, this time, all a tad  embarrassing though, but while this  is in our thoughts  here's another suggestion , how about,  instead  of cleaning up for the Queen we clear up our democracy instead, ridding ourselves of its hereditary and unelected positions once and for all. 
I do not  like seeing litter lying abandoned and already like to keep things tidy, will clean for the environment, and for the community  but not for the Queen I won't, as a republican I can not stoop down in deference, however I would be more than happy to lend a hand  clearing out Buckingham Palace and help end this symbol of privilege once and for all. 
Queen for the Queen - No Thanks ! 

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