Friday, 11 March 2016

Sociopath IDS says people are thankful for being sanctioned

His lies analysed here :-

Partial Transcript : ' Mr Duncan Smith  launched into a defiant defence of the  penalties, insisting that people were often glad the way sanctions had changed their lives. 
Forgetting to add that the Government has just gone out of the way to cut £30 a week of benefits for the disabled while doing less than nothing about corporate tax avoidance and cutting taxes for the wealthiest. Vowing to ram through disability cuts despite a stark warning from his very own human rights watchdog.
The Secretary of State appears to be denying the existence of the 2012 Welfare Reform Act, which he personally helped deliver at the time, boasting that it was the biggest shake up of the welfare state in 60 years. Ian Duncan Smith an odious man, who does not care about the real suffering his policies will cause. No doubt about it, if these cuts actually happen the daily struggle for survival will get a lot worse, for those who genuinely need a helping hand  in the present time. But here we are faced with Tory policy that could not give a toss about starving the people, the vulnerable that it should be protecting, showing the deep contempt the Conservatives have for peoples lives, hitting the hardest hit and the most disaffected people in the land as they continue their intent of pushing on with their mad ideological crusade to cleanse Britain of the poor and punish for our unfair situations, whilst rewarding the wealthy.
Makes yesterday's post 'All is Not Lost' seem most inappropriate.
Thousands of people, up and down the country are now wrought with worry, what a shameful country we live in. 

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