Saturday, 1 May 2021

Steering Through the Shadows.

( Happy May Day )

Nothing is running the same anymore
Everything seems to be leaving bitter taste,
Waves of intolerance daily crashing
Turning precious days into darkness,
Throwing obstacles of confusion in the way
Time like a storm cloud, on the precipice of abyss,
Keeps rolling on, as if on a loop,
Looking for sunshine, elements of truth,
As clear as crystal, paths of joy
On the winds flowing and floating,
Surrounded by love and hope
The familiar reflections that keep company, 
Where the lonely are not so alone
No matter how wretched the moments be,
On the edge of uncertainty and confusion
May every night, the sedative of happiness call,
To help understand the world, our place within
Allow precious thoughts explode into dream,
Spaces for new thoughts, new ways of seeing
The doors of perception  left wide open,
To comfort, dilute, shift moods of discontent
Inhale the flowers of  tomorrows welcoming scent,
Filters of survival forever gently running
Keeping us strong among empirical jungles,
Connecting through cognitive endeavour
Where positive emotions collectively dance free,
Hope your days can be filled with much laughter
And the minutes ticking  inside, deliver sweet song.

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