Saturday, 23 April 2016

April Bursting

( inspired by Garden for the bees this weekend  initiative by 38 degrees  )

Flowers are blooming again,
Leaves are popping,
Insects are buzzing,
The afternoon delivers sun, fresh air,
To blow away morning's face.

I have a favourite place,
Somewhere I go to hide away,
Where fragrance floats and mingles,
I stand awakening, moving shadows,
Bouncing over primroses and bluebells,
Today sowing seeds over earth,
Offering some food for the bees.

The flower's weeds will ripen,
And wild winds will scatter,
Sending shoots and roots,
From this present time,
Far into the future,
Release an abiding, shining hope,
That lights a way through the dark.

As greenery blossoms,
Soft rays of warm light, 
Clear pathways of soul and heart,
React to understanding, 
Drift in fine feeling,
Creating  glorious scenes,
I will sit and dream, 
Surveying all.

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