Thursday, 7 April 2016

Another world is possible. ( a poem)

( A poem that arrived earlier as I drifted between cynicism and pessimism.)

Another world is possible.

As they sell our dreams down the river,
For tiny crocks of silver and gold,
Remember another world is possible,
Waiting patiently for you right now,
A brand new system, another way,
With precision will repair the faultlines,
Wash away the corporate stains,
Rid us of  greedy capitalist contamination,
Beyond Panama, the rich will no longer gain,
Across the globe reconciliation coming,
To strengthen paths, release equity on earth.
The tears of the needy and oppressed replaced,
Injustice crushed, victims again to smile,
Carefully we can mend and rearrange,
Planting seeds of opportunity and hope, 
Piece by piece push things back together,
Replace the current walls of division,
Love across nations forever reborn,
Where no one waits for a return to war,
Another world is possible, 
Unstoppable and unavoidable,
A fairy tale of precious attainability,
To be reached and seized right now.