Friday, 1 April 2016

Crabb must Go

If Stephen Crabb M.P  for Preseli Pembrokeshire and the now secretary of state of work and pensions,  has not done the right thing before 2nd April and resigned as Mencap patron, I will be catching the bus tomorrow to attend a demonstration, join people gathering to urge him that he resigns his post. After all Stephen Crabb is a man who has constantly voted in favor of  every cut to disability benefits, for the Bedroom Tax, and the Benefit Gap. Not much record of voting for fairness in any guise.
More than 10,000 people have already signed an online petition calling  on his role at Pembrokeshire Mencap. The petition says " 

You've recent vote in the House of Commons for disabled people to lose £30 per week of Employment Support Allowance shows that you have no compassion or understanding of the needs of the most vulnerable and disabled members of our society."

you can sign it here;

Please :-  

I personally find it incomprehensible how the good people voted for him in the first place, and that Mencap could consider a man with  suspect views on homosexuality,  who supported  CARE, Christian organisation called CARE, that claimed hoosexuality was a disorder that so called right thinking people like themselves could cure, and recently declared  also that he is now an expert off suffering, especially of those that are currenty  suffering from parkinsons, motor neurone disease and other delibitating illnesses who he now expects to be looking for work.
continues to personally endorse and represent damaging Tory policies that will keep hurting the hardest hit and the most vulnerable. Causing  further unnecessary pain and distress.
I can  see no reason that MENCAP should still want him as their representative. Currently taking some of his own constituents through the courts because of the bedroom tax. Never once rebelled against any of the vicious cuts that were delivered by his predecessor. Who likes to talk about his roots of  being bought up on a council estatem about his own hardships, but for some reason instead of reflecting on this, seems intent on carrying on implementing cruel benefit sanctions. MENCAP still apparently have still not listened to the many voices that have replied to them, because they are not comfortable with the charities connection with Mr Crabb, which leaves many thinking they should  look at their own priorities and motives.
Join Pembrokeshire Peoples Against Austerity tomorrow if you can outside Stephen Crabb's offices  in Haverfordwest , tomorrow in support of  the most vulnerable and those in need of most support. 

More details here :-  


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