Monday, 18 April 2016

Couple on park bench or thousands marching against austerity?

There was a massive demo in London over the weekend. Thousands took to the streets in other cities too. All largely ignored by the mainstream media including the BBC, who did however take time to provide us with  the story of two young Royals jetting half way round the world to be photographed sitting on a bench.  This was the actual news - Royals sitting on a bench.  A bench that had apparently been sat on by another royal bum many years previously.
150,000 people ignored who had traveled from all over the UK to protest against austerity, Tory misrule and a sick system,  ordinary proud people who had gathered to denounce public sector cuts, the treatment of the disabled and the vulnerable through welfare cuts and the privatisation of the N.H.S.  
I know which story I was most interested in hearing about, much more significant and relevent than a thousand words  about royalty. Guess I'm just biased.  Sad to see the BBC along with Murdoch's sky news missing this huge discontent in British society for something so trivial.
I guess it will take more than marching to divert the media's gaze.
In other news, Jamaica plans to end Queen's rule as Head of State, who knows hopefully it will be our turn next.  

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