Saturday, 30 April 2016

Avoid head trash

The world is currently,  being destroyed by psychopaths, dont keep calm, go out and make change. But be careful do not be a garbage can  for anything that does not fuel your intellect, stimulate your imagination and help connect with others. Refuse to carry other peoples head trash. When conflict arises , face it with who you are, whilst being open to other perspectives.
Respect your intellect and heart felt passions. Give respect to others by not taking what they are responsible for, if you do not, it can infect you with a mind virus of cynicism or defeat and you wont even know it.
But without action very little will be done, be persistent ,and  try and be consistent, I realise though that under present conditions of capitalist domination it is easy to switch to negative thought patterns, that can lead to cynical resignation, that can become an obstacle in itself. So find others that you can connect with, share your ideas, that help one another build together,  help create a new world, a better one. Avoid cutting yourself from this possibility no matter what the circumstances. The secret is to to begin, there is no room for compromise. Laugh together, avoid disconnection, avoid futility and fruitlessness, focus on struggle and change. Resignation is death. Revolt is life. Avoid head trash.
It's obviously not as easy as it sounds, I've been on anti-depressants for last ten years, but recently been avoiding them, reconnecting  taking a chance, my inner scream still carries an anguished enthusiasm for changing the world. I guess it takes time, chemicals can help, can lead to a life though of numbness, especially in the absence of community or solidarity, alienation can lead to all sorts of malaise, if you really want to change, there are ways to achieve it,  don't trust me though I'm no shrink or doctor, I know that it is not always possible to prevent unhelpful thoughts from occurring, these words  just some gathered food for thought, just remember to look after yourself, and if your strong enough you can  look out for and help others.

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