Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Tory leader continues to treat us as idiots.

Tory leader  who looks like a train continues to treat us as idiots, as he tries desperately to react to the public's disgust at his and others tax avoidance and evasion. He has announced that HMRC will be working with the National Crime Agency to lead a wold class task force to investigate allegations of tax dodging and money laundering bought to light by the leak of 11 million  files by a Panama Law firm.
But Cameron in charge does not exactly inspire much confidence - a man who has made a career out of advising people on how to  dodge tax who once publicly stated that the whole concept of tax was ' legalised extortion.' 
And so the story keeps on running, since he has not drawn  a line under the story, we all now know  how much money he has been  making, profits made  and how supposedly bloody transparent he is. Now that we have started we will continue to keep asking much needed questions.  Each day he looks more and  more at unease , the case of Dave a man who looks like a train continuing to treat us all as idiots. We should keep pointing out to him  how big money has continually corrupted and tainted British politics. This is a man who has had the audacity to cut the benefits of disabled people  who cannot dress or look after themselves , while the tax payer continues to  pays him around 53 k a year to help him and his wife (Samantha worth in her own right £29 million ) to dress and look after themselves. David Cameron cannot keep  on treating us as idiots, with added lies and expect the people to continue to trust him. His ethics and morality have now been called into question and it is clear that he is not passing the test as he continues to  be evasive and defensive and his obvious unwillingness to be straight to the public that he supposedly serves . because of this his credibility now lies in shatters as his policies continue to lead to direct cuts in services and benefits that are hurting millions of people right now  in Britain. No wonder that Dennis Skinner had the tenacity to call him ' Dodgy Dave" and did not to withdraw the remark and then subsequently got kicked out for speaking the truth. Thank Dennis.
Yes dodgy Dave by name and nature  I hope that he will continually be given the shunt and shown all the derision that he deserves. Even he admits he could have handled this affair much better, it just shows yet again how his government is run for the privileged few and not for the majority of the population.

Dennis Skinner on dodgy Dave

Let us hope that this sorry affair will lead to new rules being put in place , that lead to more openness and transparency that enables the British public to know more about the dubious nature of our leaders business dealings.
Old research also reveals that wealth does not trickle down - it just floods offshore :-- http://www.theguardian.com/business/2012/jul/21/offshore-wealth-global-economy-tax-havens/
In response to his gaffes a large scale public call for a general election in 2016 is now going viral. British patience has finally reached  its limit. 
It also comes as no surprise to learn that as our Tory Government destroys  our steel industry, that  Margaret Thatcher a political hero  of Cameron's who herself contributed  to the destruction of the coal industry and society as a whole, also benefited from not paying no tax. It has been revealed that her own children will continue  to avoid millions in inheritance tax since  their mothers house in Belgravia, London, was registered  to an offshore trust yet still taxpayers had to fork out for the cost of her funeral  three years ago this month. Has it not always been the case up to now  of one rule for some and a completely different one for the rest of us less fortunate. Sadly tax avoiders  usually need to be pushed before they can change their attitudes.
In the meantime  when Cameron's election leaflet pops through our doors in the next few days printed by a German printing company you can send it back to the following address and the Conservative Party will get the 'bill for the postage.

Join the peoples Assembly on Saturday 16th April.
Time to rise up and revolt.


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