Friday, 8 April 2016

Time for David Cameron to go.

I would like to say that this is unbelievable, but at the end of the day they are all the same lying bastards. Since the beginning of the week we now know much more about David Cameron's financial affairs, after pressure he has now reluctantly admitted to owning a stake in an offshore business owned by his late father, as named in the recent Panama leak.
Currently bleating on about how it was all above board - oh the poor thing apparently paid his tax on it, and sold his stake for a measly £30,000  before taking office. Just a matter of loose change for somebody  prepared to rob of others far more deserving than he could ever be.
Thankfully not a lot of people agree with his bluster at the moment, after  lying and deceiving the British public for years, his lies over profiting from tax avoidance just a tip of the iceberg, many people now simply have had enough and are now currently calling for his resignation, but this man has no respect, so it is not very unlikely he will do the decent thing, so  perhaps he will need an extra shove or two.
This man's credibility now lies in complete  shatters, lets hope we follow Iceland's example and show him the doorstep , but we are  witnessing a British Prime Minister  who would not understand  truth, if it gave him a severe kick in the head, a morally corrupt individual, but I would remind you  that this is what Tory's seem to be to me most of the time. So a case of business as usual then.
Iceland though proudly would not put up with their crooked Prime Minister so neither should we, so I will be supporting the call today for this liar and hypocrite  to resign, a man who has benefitted from offshore tax havens while over the years has lectured us about how morally wrong it is. He is currently trending across social media and this time it does not involve farm animals,  I wonder what his dad would say, oh hang on probably  something like this " Hey kid, set up an offshore company, avoid your taxes and sing the Panamanian National Anthem." hey he might decided to do the decent thing,  even then though he will probably try to blame someone else,   " Oi Jeremy Corbyn, it was your bloody  fault." I can hear him fecklessly saying.
Yes we're all in it together,  but how the hell have we ever put our trust in someone  whose entire lifestyle has been paid for, from fee paying education, university, even his first forays into work, paid for by his fathers wealth gained from offshore trusts. I will return to an old catchphrase yes the mind truly boggles.   
What is incredible as well is that MPs have already snubbed a 190,000 strong petition calling for no confidence in him  because his policies have been causing such  devastation to the poorest in society for the past  five years, at end of day displays their arrogance too. 
Like the worlds rich and powerful  though, he plays by a different set of rules. At the end of the day it's plain to see that  he is a money driven lying sanctimonious piece of  **** what other  qualities would we expect , well done to all those who voted him into power , but an excuse  I can find, in the fact that he lied to get in and thus manipulated the public, oh eck the list  goes on an on, good luck to those who get rid of him,  for many taxpayers faith in the system is already tested, and  no longer actually have any faith left in their leader, surely now it is time for Cameron to go. Fingers crossed. It would be truly wonderful 3 years after Margaret Thatcher's death that he is finally hoisted by his own greedy damaging petard.

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