Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Finally : Justice for Hillsbourough 96.

                               Hillsborough 96 victims.

Finally after 27 long years of struggle and anguish, the bereaved families of Liverpool fans who lost their lives in Hillsborough in1989 have been delivered some kind of justice as a jury has ruled  that  96 Liverpool fans who died  had been unlawfully killed and that fans behaviour did not contribute to their deaths. Police response and planning at fault.
But why has this agony taken so long for this jury to vindicate the families long fight for justice, hindered  perhaps by  the approach over the years by South Yorkshire Police to hide away adverse findings. Evidence that they did not want us to see. What the families have had to endure for the last 27 years is truly horrifying and shocking,  cover ups by the police , the state, and successive Tory and Labour governments.
From  the onset survivors of Hillsborough have spoken of how they were intimidated and threatened by  police and left feeling traumatised, accused of wasting police time because they did not like their evidence, because it did not fit into their versions of the event, led about by the police, the scum newspaper, vilified and labelled, the dead were demonised, the falsefying of statements,  but by group efforts and the support of individuals justice has come, late, but better than never. Thank goodness to all those who never gave up.
Shame still hangs however over the lying police, lying press government and FA as people still lying covering up on top, but a scrap of  justice is finally offered 27 years overdue.No lie lasts forever.
Those responsible  should pay the price.


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  1. There must be acountability, prosecution taken in response to the cover ups, this is not the end of the mater.