Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Parasites ( poem dedicated to Sir Phillip Green, David Cameron among others)

Scoffing cucumber sandwiches on gilded lawns,
Like ravenous vultures they feed on the helpless,
Mock the poor, ignore our pain,
While washing down champagne,
Reeking of greed, taking all that we need,
Lying and cheating is their game,
Exploiters of people for profit,
The world is their oyster,
See how they scoff it,
Fed by a relentless drive for more,
Appropriated from the labor of others,
After pushing and grabbing for far to long,
In the end will have to make amends,
Having been found proven,
To have been in the wrong,
But may pay no heed,
The greed remains,
Too entangled,
Trapped inside,
Too deeply hidden,
To be removed.

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