Monday, 11 April 2016

Cannabis - Time to change the law.

In light of Howard Marks's passing this great advocate for the legislation of cannabis, is it not time to change the law. It is a fact that 45% of us here in Britain have tried it, and a majority of 47% currently support its legislation. As seen in the Independent newspaper on Saturday.
Is it not time that the UK reformed its cannabis policy speak out about its continual prohibition and offer direct comparisons how UK citizens are treated unfairly compared to our equals in Spain,  Uruguay, Canada, Jamaica, and a growing number of US states. 
At the moment Cannabis consumption, possession and supply are currently illegal under current UK legislation. Possessing or cultivating any form of cannabis  without a home office licence, anywhere in the UK is prohibitive. I personally believe the law to be an arse, surely now is the time for change. The war on drugs costly, stupid and counter-productive.
Up to £900 million could be raised annually through  the taxation of the regulated cannabis market, which demonstrates a  potential  revenue that at the very least deserves further investigation, it could be such a good thing as our economy because it certainly needs all the help it needs.
This combined with  much evidence  in the safety and efficiency of cannabis  for medical relief, that helps  people enormously suffering  from Alzheimers, cancer, chronic pain, Chrones disease and multiple sclerosis.
We should rage  against its continual suppression, the criminalisation of people, simply because of their use of it. The country is awash with booze that personally has not served me too well, at least with  the use of cannabis I have been at least able to feel some benefits, especially in relation to ongoing depression issues.
It would be a step in the right direction because at the moment  so many creative people stuck in prison for no reason, apart from  being caught in possession of an innocent herb, at the at the end of the day our current  drug policies have made things even more bad, since  more dangerous drugs are available on the market than weed unregulated that makes a mockery of our current drug laws.
I would add that I personally believe that cannabis has the capability to heal the world, which makes it an  incredible commodity.
Many people still using it for pleasure, as part of an essential lifestyle decision, prohibition has not curbed its use one iota , in fact I would argue that in a sense it has made it more popular  which makes it more appealing in the sense of a 'forbidden fruit' especially to youth. 
Legalise, regulate it and tax it now , let society as a whole profit from its use instead of criminal gangs.  The benefits of marijuana as effective treatment alternatives are plain to see, not only to individuals but to society as a whole.
It would ultimately would contribute to reduced crime and the protection of our civil liberties. It is so necessary and the only way forward , I hope that Mr Howard Marks as he moves skywards would agree with my words. Who the hell are the legislators who can tell me or you what I  or you can or cannot do with our own minds and bodies.