Sunday, 2 February 2014

Follow Bridges, Not Walls.

( Dedicated to Peter Seeger and all other followers of Freedom)

The only flags I follow
are those of red, black and green,
but also proudly stand ,
with my brothers and sisters,
the Palestinian.

I create my own propoganda,
avoid the mainstream news,
there versions of truth,
just a charade,
under the influence I dance,
avoiding the arrogance of powers
                                   that chain,
life is very dangerous,
and its getting very dark.

But on the margins,
along the cracks,
the invisible and powerless rise,
on the other side of walls,
dreams swat the air,
drives its mighty hammer,
in pursuit of fairness and justice,
                                       for all
a world of peace that displaces
as our keys, turn, turn, turn,
again, again and again,
the roads stretch out,
laden with hope.

Humanity twinkes with a new
watches as divisions blister,
while consciences affection ,
wraps her arms around our bodies,
in comradely tenderness,
I believe, all is not lost. 

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