Friday, 18 July 2014

If Israel Bombed Your Home, What Would You Do?

A weeklong bombing campaign by Israel has pushed Gaza's biggest hospital  to the brink - beds filled with the critically injured, the wails of relatives filling  the air and supplies running short. Because of Israels military campaign the civilian death toll is rising. In many cases no warning, as peoples homes destroyed, innocents killed. A sea of bodies children killed whilst sleeping in their beds. If this happened to you, would you not resist, defend yourself?
In  Israels case in open violation of international law, carry on their mission to destroy, business as usual as they blame victims.
Last night, Israel launched a ground invasion of Gaza. At  the time of writing 250 Palestinians have been killed, many of them women and children.
We need to tell our  government to stop this  atrocity now, join the demo tomorrow, and spread  the word to anyone you know that enough is enough. Thousands will be marching  from Downing Street  to the Israeli Embassy, in a demonstration organised  by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Friends  of Al-Asqa, CND, The British Muslim initiative, Stop the War Coalition, Palestine Forum in Britan and  the Muslim Association of Britain. It is also supported by an unprecedented alliance of faith organisations, Trade Unions,  civil society and Peace organisations.
Tell your M.P  to act now,  my own Mark Williams M.P for Ceredigion  has already written to me  expressing his condemnation of the collective punishment of the Palestinian people.,
The media must be forced to tell  the truth  about what is happening in Gaza, even though over 5,000 people protested outside the BBC  HQ earlier this week  their coverage of  the ground invasion has been business as usual. We must  keep up the pressure, and confront the BBC's bias. Israels siege and occupation of Gaza must end. Acoss the world people want justice, peace and freedom for the Palestinians.

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